Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knucklehead's Blog-Off: Round 3 Results

We're getting right down to the ol' nitty-gritty,
And at times, as we've seen, it just ain't always pretty.
Round three saw five bloggers jump into the fray,
But as Blog-Off rules state, two must now go away.

The first to depart is a fellow named Fred,
His dog wrote his entry, or so the dog said.
"Was it a satire?" pondered some readers,
Well no, it was not, as the dog had conceded.

The other to go is a lady named Eva,
Which might rhyme with "shave ya" or maybe with "leave ya."
Her post about dress codes in Swiss banks was great,
I covered my tattoos and piercings, post haste.

Coming up Sunday, we move to round four,
With three bloggers left, that's two less than before.
The finalists include dear sweet Cardiogirl,
If you haven't yet read her stuff, give her a whirl.

You'll also be hearing from a scoundrel named Mike,
A rule-bender, maybe, but one that we like.
The last of our entrants is Homemaker Man,
Who wrote his last post while he sat on the can.

The topic for the semis, you may have deduced,
Is a story in the style of the great Dr. Seuss.
Homemaker, Cardio, and Mike will get writin',
So come by on Sunday, it'll be quite excitin'.


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Eva Gallant said...

Thanks for including me this year, Chris. It was fun. good luck to the three remaining contestants!

Quirkyloon said...

What? Nooo! Come on now! Eva's post was brilliant! Why, it was far better than that post by....

Never mind.

*snarky grin*

(Kidding. Save the tomatoes for your spaghetti. Waste not, want not.)

J.J. in L.A. said...

Aww, darn it! I voted for ya, Eva!

But I can't wait! I'm always up for some Seuss.

cardiogirl said...

I cannot believe I made it to the final three since Eva's post really was much better than mine. And Fred's dog was really cute with that cig hangin' off his lip.

Thank you again for letting me hop into the fray.

I'll be thrilled with second place as long as Homemake Man is number one -- not Mike.

Homemaker Man said...

Me too!

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