Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knucklehead's Blog-Off Round 1: Childhood Stories

Just for a bit of fun, and to shine a light on some of the best humor blogs out there right now, I'll be hosting a five-week Blog-Off competition.  Every Sunday, from January 9th through February 6th, our contestants will post their entry and you, the readers, will be asked to vote for your favorite (the ballot is displayed on my sidebar here at Knucklehead!).  Posts go up on Sundays, and the voting each week ends Wednesday mornings.  Each round will feature a different writing genre, to recognize cleverness and versatility.  Please take some time to read our entries and vote for your favorite!

The topic for Round One is Childhood Stories, where each blogger will write a semi-true tale from their childhood.  Here are the contestants, and the link to their entries:

Candy's Daily Dandy
The Fred Effect
Glitter Frog
If I Were God
Musings From the Big Pink
Too Many Mornings
Wrestling With Retirement

After you've checked out their work, come back to Knucklehead! and vote over in my sidebar, no later than 6:00PM Pacific Time, Wednesday, January 12th.  The bottom TWO vote-getters will be eliminated, and results will be posted Wednesday evening.

Good luck, contestants!


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Boom Boom Larew said...

...and they're off and running! Great topic for Week #1.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I can't believe you let CardioGirl enter. She's so competitive, it's going to be very unpleasant for the rest of us.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

C'mon, Mike, let's wait till round three to start the massive whine-fest.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Oh, this isn't whining, Knuck. You'll know it when I start to really whine.

The truth is, I love CardioGirl like a super-fit brother with girl parts. She is very competitive, though.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, because I plan to quietly bow out sometime between rounds 1 and 2. I'm still recovering from last year.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

I was just kidding, playing off last year's controversy.

cardiogirl said...

Well, well, well. I turn my back for a few hours and Mike comes over here talkin' smack.

Do not, I repeat, DO. NOT. Allow him to bow out, Chris. I will give him enough of my points (if it means I can stay in too) to keep him in this round.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Have you seen how good this year's writers are, CardioGirl? I want to stand next to the ugly writers so I'll look better. In this scenario, I'm the ugly writer. It's my best interests to lose quickly.

Capricious Retch said...

Ahhh,man. I wish I would have come across your blog sooner, but alas, I just added you today. I also just wrote a new one earlier today, that, ironically relates to your topic. I don't know that it is even "contender caliber" but, it relates, and I amuse myself. Feel free to read if you have time.

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