Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knucklehead's Blog-Off 2011!

Welcome to Knucklehead's Blog-Off 2011, where humor bloggers from across cyberspace compete to determine this year's Blog-Off champion!

The competition begins on Sunday, January 9th, when the contestants will post their entries according to official Knucklehead guidelines.  I'll link to their blogs from this site so you can check out their work, and then come back here to vote in the Knucklehead sidebar.  Voting will run from Sunday through Wednesday, with the results posted each Thursday.

We'll start with eight nine contestants (more on these folks later), and the competition will consist of five rounds.  After each of the first two three rounds, the two lowest vote-getters will be eliminated.  From that point on, only the single lowest vote-getter will get the boot until we reach the finals.  If you've ever watched American Idol (and who hasn't?) you'll pick up the idea pretty quickly.

Here are the bloggers who will be vying for the coveted title of Knucklehead's Blog-Off 2011 Champion: 

Our defending champ, Mike W-J, author of the blog Too Many Mornings  

The Fred Effect, written by a guy named (duh) Fred

The lovely and talented Quirkyloon 

If I Were God, written by someone who is admittedly NOT God (but aspires to be)

Candy, from Candy's Daily Dandy . . . the "hot chick" of the competition 

Eva Gallant, author of Wrestling With Retirement 

Glitter Frog, with our good friend Vicki 

Last year's surprise Honorable Mention (surprising because he wasn't even entered in the contest), Homemaker Man and his wonder-blog entitled Musings From the Big Pink

And we have a late entry!  Give it up for Cardio Girl!

For Round One, they'll all be writing about a story from their childhood.  On Sunday, I'll link to them from here and as I mentioned before, you'll be asked to visit their sites and then come back here to vote.

Good luck to everyone!


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Homemaker Man said...

That would be the "other hot chick" of the competition. Thank you.

Quirkyloon said...

Now you did say that Steven Tyler would be the new guest judge, right?

That's the only reason why I agreed to do this thing.


Mr. Condescending said...

woo hoooo good luck everyone!

Jenn Thorson said...

Hey, kick butt, folks! And no hiring goons to hamstring the competition in the parking lot. We leave that sort of thing to Olympic ice skaters.

Suldog said...

I am upset that Quirkyloon doesn't get "hot chick" status. I think anyone whose avatar makes it appear that she has a wombat running around loose in her panties should automatically qualify. Bias!

(No Quirkyloons were harmed during the production of this comment. Wombats are theoretical, at best.)

Eva Gallant said...

Damn! I thought I was the hot chick of the competition!

Eddy said...

Hey Chris,

Happy New Year!

Exactly how does one get to participate in Knucklehead's Blog-Off 2011? Are the bloggers selected by you??

- Eddy

ndenunz said...

Is Paula Abdul going to do any guest appearances as a judge?

00dozo said...

Just so you know, it was because of your last contest that I found these blogs and finally decided to join.

I know two of the finalists but will definitely check out the others.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Thanks for the comments, as always. To answer an e-mailer, Blog-Off participants were chosen by the Knucklehead Talent Panel, consisting of, okay, me. I invited several of my favorite bloggers, with an emphasis on those who are a) focused on the writing craft b) familiar to me and c) other than the defending champ who has the right to defend the title, did NOT participate last year. The idea is to gain exposure for some of my favorites so they can expand their readership. I'm willing to add two more contestants, if anyone would like to apply or recommend someone to me (and send me their URL so I can see for myself).


Fred Miller said...

Looking forward to it, Chris. And thanks for sponsoring this.

If I Were God... said...

So it appears knucklehead controls all aspects of this contest -almost as if he's set himself up to be all-powerful... omnipotent even. Seems oddly yet uncomfortably familiar, but I can't place why.

Incidentally, the word verification for Me was 'endsin'. I kid you not. It must somehow know who's commenting? Setting my 2011 agenda?

If I Were God... said...


I have a worthy applicant for you. I enjoy her myself, if that counts for anything (and it goddamn better) -but only when my wife isn't around. She's http://www.cardiogirl.net/ and definitely worth reading.

Ok, I don't actually have damning abilities YET, other than verbal, but someday...

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Ooh - I love competition. You are going to kill the bloggers who get voted out, right?

'Cause that only seems fair.

cardiogirl said...

Hey there, it's me, Cardiogirl. I heard about this challenge over at God's place and because I'm extremely competitive I was hoping I could hop into the fray.

Also, I want to beat Mike at Too Many Mornings. But it the entries are closed, they're closed. I'll have to wait until next year to take Mike down at the knees.

cardiogirl said...

Booyah, gingah! Thanks for letting me get my toe in the door!

Didactic Pirate said...

Came here via Homemaker Man: what a cool deal. Never been to your site before, but now apparently I'll be coming back every Sunday to read entries. There goes church.

Jen said...

I can't wait. This is better than Idol because that show sucks.

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