Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knucklehead's Blog-Off: We Have a Champion!

After five grueling rounds of competition and hundreds of ballots cast, we have a winner in Knucklehead's Blog-Off 2011.  By a stunning final vote of 103-99, our champion is . . .


In a come-from-behind victory, Homemaker Man has earned the title of Knucklehead's Blog-Off 2011 Champion.  His winnings include an authentic, autographed Knucklehead refrigerator magnet (no, I'm NOT kidding), a gift card to the Outback Steakhouse, and this really cool badge to display on his blog . . .

I also wish to congratulate the lovely and talented Cardiogirl for being the runner-up.  She was in the top two or three every week, and never failed to entertain her readers.  While there is no cash prize for second place, she does win an autographed Knucklehead magnet, suitable for sticking.  Also, in the event Homemaker Man cannot fulfill the duties of Blog-Off Champion, Cardiogirl will step in to handle those responsibilities, whatever they may be.

Additional thanks go out to all of you who participated this year.  Quirky, Mike, Eva, Fred, Not Actually God, Candy, and Vicki.

And finally, thanks to everyone who visited our contestants blogs and cast a ballot in the Blog-Off.  I hope you enjoyed the posts and maybe even subscribed to a couple new blogs along the way.  That, after all, was the intent of the contest in the first place.

Thanks for joining in, and I hope you'll stick around.  I'm already looking forward to Blog-Off 2012.


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Katbird said...

Hooray Homemaker Man!

Eva Gallant said...

They both were very good. It was fun! Damn! The Outback is one of my favorites!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Thanks for the memories, Knuck!

cardiogirl said...

If I had known we were competing for dinner at the Outback I would have stuffed the ballot box.


Congratulations Homemaker Man and thank you Chris for the opportunity to participate.

This was a lot of fun! Especially the part where I trashed MikeWJ all over the internet and back again.

Quirkyloon said...

Yay Homemaker Man! Well done! And now I want to thank my manager, my agent, and my many fans with whom... Woops never mind. I thought I trashed that napkin with my acceptance speech. *grin*

Suldog said...

Congrats to Homemaker Man! And thanks to you, Knucklehead, for introducing us to some really good writers.

Homemaker Man said...

Thanks for everything, Mr. Head. I will definitely dedicate one whole quarter of my bloomin' onion to you.

And thanks to everyone for reading and voting. No matter who you voted for, we all got a chance to gain some traffic and read some talented folks we might not otherwise read,

Super Mo said...

Hey Knucklehead! It is very nice to meet you too! The blog-off is/ was really entertaining! I haven't read all of the blogs, but what I have gotten to see was quite funny!!!


Mariann Simms said...

Thank you again, Chris, for hosting such a fun and entertaining contest!

Looking forward to next year.

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