Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knucklehead's Blog-Off: Semi-Final Results

The semi-final round of Knucklehead's Blog-Off 2011 brought about a controversy that I won't elaborate on at this time.  All three contestants wrote engaging, humorous Dr. Seuss-like posts, and each received a good number of votes.

Midway through the voting period, Mike W-J, the author of "Too Many Mornings" (and last year's champ), decided to withdraw from the competition.

As a result, Cardiogirl and Homemaker Man will advance to the finals.  Tune in Sunday for the details and hoopla, as we get ready for the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND!


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cardiogirl said...

Well, I would have liked to move on after slaughtering either of the two other contestants, but I'm still happy to have advanced to the final round.

Suldog said...

Congrats to the finalists! And all hail the previous champ!

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