Sunday, January 27, 2013

Continuing the Grind

Now that my first "official" event is out of the way, it's time to settle back into my normal training routine in preparation for the San Diego Half Marathon coming up in March.  This consists of four days of running, combined with cross-training at the gym.  My long runs will be no more than 16 miles, with my mid-week runs ranging from 5 to 10 miles.  I'm also trying to keep my nutrition under control, emphasizing protein and "good" carbs while limiting sugar and fatty foods (though I did have a "cheat" day on Friday that included an In-N-Out Double Double and fries).

Nothing real exciting or eventful during this week's training.  The weather was warmer than it's been for a while, which was nice.  Lots of other runners were out and about on Saturday, which is when I did the long run of the week (16 miles), and there's always a sense of community among us.  Also a little rivalry . . . no one likes getting passed (especially by the old guy, who is actually pretty spry).

I also signed up for a couple more events.  In May, just two weeks after the Orange County Marathon, I'll be running in a local event -- the Mojave Narrows Half Marathon in Apple Valley, California.  It's a small event, but the course runs literally right through my neighborhood.  About two miles of it are on a street that I regularly run during my training.  Since it's my home field, so to speak, I couldn't NOT sign up.  I'm also registered for the Long Beach Half Marathon in October.  Beyond that, I also plan on running the huge L.A. Marathon in March, 2014.  Long term, we'll probably stick to one marathon per year, with a bunch of half marathons and 10K's sprinkled in.

But first things first.

I'm really looking forward to the San Diego Half Marathon, and not just because it's in one of my favorite cities in the world.  The event has turned into a family affair, with my brother Bobby signing up for the half marathon and my wife Theresa hopping on board for the 5K.  Also, Bobby's girlfriend and my parents will be driving down to be our cheering section.  It will be fun running with my brother, though my greatest fear is that he'll roll out of bed the day of the race, scarf a couple Pop Tarts, throw on a pair of flip-flops, and then go out and whip my butt.  Don't know if I could handle the humiliation.

This week, I'm going to mix in a couple hill runs, since the San Diego course features a stretch of two miles where the elevation increases almost 300 feet.  I certainly don't want to be unprepared for that.

Recent Runs:
1/21/13:  5.1 miles, 51:30
1/22/13:  8.15 miles, 1:23:53
1/24/13:  5.06 miles, 47:45
1/26/13:  16.01 miles, 2:46:14

Countdown to My Next Event = 42 Days
San Diego Half Marathon
San Diego, Ca.
March 10, 2013

Countdown to the Orange County Marathon = 98 Days

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Eva Gallant said...

All I can say is Wow! You are amazing.

Eva Gallant said...

All I can say is Wow! You are amazing.

Suldog said...

There is an odd link to you over at my place...

Juli said...

Hi! Over from Suldog's "odd" link, :) and I will also give you much props for what you are doing. We started with 5K's in September... my new goal is a 10K in May... then killing myself with the 3-day for breast cancer in July.

I don't think I'll go further than that though (13.1 or a 26.2)... I like my small victories. I will jaunt on over to your donate page though, love it when people get blisters for a good cause. :)


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