Monday, January 14, 2013

Running From a Mouse

With my first "official" event, the Ontario Mills 10K, coming up this weekend, I've backed off my training just a bit so I'm fresh on Saturday.  This process is called "tapering," and although it's not really necessary when preparing for a short race like a 10K, I figured it's better safe than sorry.  This way I'll be more prepared to step things up a little bit and go for a personal record.  My current PR in the 10K is 58:20, and when I did that I was more or less at cruising speed.  If I push the tempo during the second half on Saturday, there's a decent chance I'll lower my mark.

Speaking of PR's, just this past Sunday I set a new best in the half-marathon with a time of 2:16:29.  More importantly, I paced myself well enough so that I was able to turn it on down the stretch and the final mile was my fastest of the run.  Definitely a confidence-builder.  I'm signed up for the San Diego Half Marathon in March, so it feels good to have some success at that distance.

M-I-C . . .See all this cash?  K-E-Y . . . Why?  Because you'll pay it!
I have to vent just a little bit here.  As I mentioned last time, I was considering signing up for the Disneyland Half Marathon, which will take place on September 1st.  It seems fun, and the course goes right down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom (as well as the surrounding area of Anaheim).  Well, as is the case with most things related to Mickey and Minnie Moneybags, the registration fee was well above the norm, a whopping $205 (slightly less if you sign up early).  For that price, you get a t-shirt, a medal (if you finish), and a "goody bag."  No admission to the park for the rest of the day, heck, you probably even have to shell out twenty bucks for parking.  Keep in mind, this is for a half-marathon, not a full.  Just to give you a frame of reference, the entry fee for the Boston Marathon, the highest profile and most prestigious distance event on the planet, is $150.  So Mickey and Goofy can eat my dust.  Instead, I signed up for the Long Beach Half Marathon which takes place a couple weeks later.  The fee?  $79.

That's it for now, next time I'll have the play-by-play of the Ontario Mills 10K.  Can't wait!

Recent Runs:
1/9/13:  8 miles, 1:24:07
1/11/13:  3.1 miles (5K), 28:49
1/13/13:  13.1 miles (Half Marathon), 2:16:29 PR

Countdown to My Next Event = 5 Days
Ontario Mills 10K
Hosted by the Christian Okoye Foundation
Ontario, Ca.
January 19, 2013

Countdown to the Orange County Marathon = 110 Days

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IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

$150 sounds kinda Mickey Mouse to me

Mary Long said...

For that price you should at least get to ride Dumbo or something! Disney is so overpriced in everything they are labeled with....
Great job on the run times :0)

Eva Gallant said...

I continue to be amazed at your efforts! You are amazing!

Suldog said...

Wow. I hardly know you now. Are you sure you didn't steal Knucklehead and take over his ready-made audience?

No, all seriousness aside, I'm as proud of you as I am of my first-born (and since I have no children, make of that whatever you wish.) I'm oddly thrilled to hear Christian Okoye's name again, though. Heck of a running back.

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