Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogger Throwdown Results

The Blogger Throwdown Results are in!

To catch those of you up who may have missed it, Reputation@Stake from "The Stupid Bet" challenged me to a Blogger Throwdown, where the two of us wrote on the same topic, with Rep trying to mimic my style, such as it is.  Readers then cast their votes as to who wrote which piece.

Although Rep was able to fool a few people including a couple long-time Knucklehead readers (I'm looking at YOU, Mariann and Dr. Grumpy), most of you correctly identified "What Ever Happened To . . . Ranger Smith (Version B)" as being written by me.  I've reworked my version, which will appear in its regular spot on Knucklehead tomorrow morning.

I gotta say, though, Reputation@Stake did a pretty fair job.  One line in particular, something about Yogi Bear running in a straight line but somehow passing the same tree twenty times, was something that I definitely could have come up with.  Great work, Reppy!

Apparently the Blogger Throwdown is an idea that Reputation@Stake is going to run with, challenging other bloggers to the same type of competition.  So Reppy, if you're reading this, allow me to point you in the direction of a couple guys named Suldog and Mike W-J.

Thanks for thinking of me for this contest, Rep.  It was a blast!


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Grumpy, M.D. said...

He me paid me $10 and a six-pack of beer to say it was "A". I swear.

Mariann Simms said...

Uh...what Grumpy said. That's my excuse, too.

I am hanging my head in shame...but in my defense I did mention the last two pararaphs of your story sounded like you. It was just that damned "tree" sentence that did me in. I have to say I enjoyed that tree sentence immensely.

And, I should have known by the Cindy reference that it wasn't you - that was so glaringly obvious...but um...did I mention he paid me $10 to say "A"?

I utterly used.

The Good Cook said...

I knew it!!! Yeah.

Eva Gallant said...

He did do a great job, but there's no mistaking the Knucklehead! lol

TS Hendrik said...

It really was a fun post to read.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

He did so good, in fact that was the very line when I said out loud 'oh that's definitely Knucklehead humor'...but the Acme reference & the lawsuit in version B sealed it; no chance yours could have been A once that content graced my eyeballs. Great reads though, truly, both of them!

Reputation@Stake said...

That really was a lot of fun Chris. Thanks for taking my challenge and making it so entertaining.

And just so you know, I only bribed them with $10 and a FOUR pack. So clearly they were more willing than they're letting on. But still, you were a worthy opponent to lose to.

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