Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Note to My Readers

Hello, everybody.

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm probably being a bit arrogant in assuming that anyone would really notice, but starting next week I'm going to scale back just a bit here on Knucklehead.  Instead of posting two or three pieces a week, I'll be going to a weekly format, most likely putting up new material every Monday.

The reasons for this are simple.  First of all, I've always tried my best to focus on quality.  Yeah, smart-asses, I know, I haven't always succeeded at it, but I don't want to resort to posting half-polished ramblings just because I feel "obligated" to get something new up every couple days.  I got into blogging to hopefully hone my writing "skills," but just tossing up a new piece because "it's been three days" isn't exactly leading to greatness.  If anything, I fear it might be counter-productive.

Also, I've been re-posting old material far more often that I want to for those same reasons, and I'm starting to feel guilty -- and lazy -- about it.  I don't want to take "some time off," though, because one week could lead to two, and before long, this would be a dead blog and I certainly don't want to deprive you all of my brilliance.

Ha!  Had you for a minute, didn't I?

So anyway, here's the new plan.

I will be posting an original piece every Monday morning.  This will keep me from getting too complacent about it, and also allow me to make sure everything I write is the best it can be.  Some of it will still undoubtedly suck, but I can only do so much.  No more re-runs, no more half-assed bullshit.  Just a reasonable effort at providing decent content.

As always, I'd love your feedback.

Thanks for being here, and keep reading!



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Jenn Thorson said...

I totally understand, Chris! I've heard from a number of fellow bloggers that they were feeling the motivation/time pinch, as well.

Your posts are always enjoyable. It'll give us something to look forward to on Mondays-- besides existential angst about our work-lives and the general grogginess of the weekend. :)

Stacie's Madness said...

awe. me love you long time.
and I'm gonna do the opposite and keep posting crap, mmmk? :)

ReformingGeek said...

I love Mondays!

Do what you need to do. We will read it.

Homemaker Man said...

Oh My God. There's a blog here?

I am a big proponent of quality over quantity. I'll be carving out some ignoring my kids time every monday from here on out.

EmptyNester said...

Whatever you post, I'll read it. My life is just that boring. I'm kidding! I really will read it, because I like what you write!

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Thanks you guys. Like I said, I'm still going all out here, I just got frustrated by lowering my expectations on myself. The whole point of doing this was to a) entertain and b) improve as a writer. I think I'll be better equipped to do both of those things if I can take my time and honor the process.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I don't see how people can write every single day. I write 3 times a week and it's not easy.

I look forward to Mondays anyway, but now I'll have a reason to get up early(ish). Looking forward to it!

Mariann Simms said...

I apparently liked your half-assed bullshit a LOT. :)

But I understand your frustration and applaud your ideals. I only blog when I feel "motivated". Sometimes there's large gaps between them. But...I hope you do share some of your older stuff with your newer followers. While it might be old to some of us - others are seeing it for the first time. Plus some of them are just great as reruns. :)

So, I expect nothing less than full-assed bullshit from now on. ;)

Eva Gallant said...

You're giving us a new reason to look forward to Mondays!

injaynesworld said...

"... take time and honor the process."

I know exactly how you feel. Nothing worse than going through the motions and then faking it in the end... Oh, wait. What were we talking about again?

See you on Monday, my always engaging friend.

Anonymous said...

Chris....even if you chose to post your grocery list each week...I would read it. Thanks for sharing your humor and stories with us.

Absolut Ruiness said...

Even though im sad that i wont be treated to ur literal awesomeness more often, yet m happy bout the fact that you now will be happier in doing whatever it is that you are doing to keep us all enthralled...And you will make mondays livable now...Looking forward to Knucklehead-Mondays!!!

cardiogirl said...

I applaud your honesty, Knucklehead! It's hard to scale back; I feel the pressure to write five days a week but it's hard to keep that up and feel like you spent enough time editing that bad boy to perfection.

I also like the fact that you've explained what you're doing to your readers -- down shifting to Mondays. I'm a creature of habit and I like to know when change is happening so that works for me.

And of course this is all about me.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Remember blogging is to be fun. I've taken breaks for months at times because it felt like a chore.

Boom Boom Larew said...

Thank you... you're giving me a reason to get up on Monday mornings!

(My worst posts have been the ones I did because I thought I "should" post something.)

Suldog said...

WTF? Slacker!

IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

Yeah, Mr Knucklehead, I know what you mean... those folks that post every day run out some d...


oh, yeah!

00dozo said...

I was working on one of my own posts today and knowing that I usually suck at grammar, I went to an online grammar checker. However, my text was too short - the checker needed more verbiage - so I borrowed the most part of this article (which is not to say that I think you are long winded).

My copy passed. Your's did not.

I hadn't even read your post before I used it.

It's ironic that the subject of your post (or part thereof) is to improve your writing skills which, in my opinion, are just fine (says the person who has to use a grammar checker).

I'll be looking forward to Mondays!

(Oh, in case you're interested, the checker I used can be found here: )

Hildy said...

The web really eats up content, doesn't it? Your predicament probably argues for having more group blogs and fewer individual ones. Then you could post when motivated without the pressure of new material constantly. On the other hand, lots of good bloggers post very irregularly or with huge time gaps--and their readers cope just fine with it. No need to apologize.

Kelley said...

I really like that idea! I may do it, too. Writing only once a week would give more time to read other blogs and just do other...stuff. I will remember you are the Monday guy. :)

Fred Miller said...

I'll stay with you, my brother. You have what it takes to produce quality work. And when you have several pieces in the queue, they can age and improve with time, like that piece on Bobby Kennedy you post now and then. It's excellent and worth re-posting and reading every now and then. I post twice a week, which leaves many of my pieces un-posted. But that's comforting.

IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

Is it Monday yet?

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